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Commonwealth Games 2010: opening ceremony Ar-RAhman theme song & bollywood dance [CommonwealthGames2010] [dehli] [sports] [hot] [hindi]

Commonwealth Games 2010: opening ceremony diplomatic row averted


I feel strongly the athlete has to make those decisions, they are personal decisions and you have to respect that,' said Coe.
'Personally I would always choose a championship over anything else, you are going to be assessed by medals in championships at the end of your career.
'I'm not remotely criticising competitors that choose not to go to a major championship - they have all sorts of challenges: the longevity of their career, what's happening the following year, training patterns and cycles, how hard their season has been.
'There's no overwhelming theme for any of those competitors not to go to Delhi.
'In 1978 I would have loved to have done both but felt that going from Edmonton to the European Championships in Prague in less than two weeks was going to be a problem.'

NEW DELHI: The first New Zealand athletes to check into the Games Village for the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi has given thumbs-up to the facilities provided, New Zealand Press Association (NZPA) has reported. Coach Dave Edwards said the players had no complaints after their first night in the village. “Obviously, there's been a bit of work going over the past few days, but as far as we're concerned, it's fine,” he told NZPA.
Edwards said one comment from a bowler who had been at a past Games was the space in the rooms. “There's horror stories from previous Commonwealth Games where you roll over in the middle of the night and give your neighbour in the bed next door a black eye,” he said. “But these are roomy and spacious in that regard and the rest of the village is all fine. The dining hall is excellent.”
Sebastian Coe is crossing his fingers the Commonwealth Games in Delhi will be a success despite last week's chaos in his family's home city.
Coe, the chairman of the London 2012 Olympics, has many relatives in Delhi - his mother was half-Indian - and he believes the Games can strike a blow for cities and countries that do not have a history of staging major events.
Coe visited the venues in the Indian capital a few weeks ago and having gauged the reaction of athletes arriving in Delhi, he is confident the Games can recover from last week when several teams, came close to pulling out due to 'filthy' conditions in the athletes' village and safety fears, and a number of individual competitors did so.


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